Tuesday, August 3, 2010

More new art :)

So since we've talked last, I've done quite a few new pieces...mostly in oil paints.
I've been working in oils a lot lately. I'm creating art that lends itself to hanging in a gallery. I've been really enjoying the texture of palette knife work.

This piece was inspired by my father, and may or may not be hanging in his office by now. It is my first exploration back into oil paints. I received a present from my mother...a travel paint box that was custom made for her. When I got it, I found there was still quite a bit of paint in it. I decided to try them out, see if they were still usable.
The answer is "yes." I have been painting with 30 year old oil paints. This is back when Cadmium Red was $2.77 for a tube. I love it.

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